The charmof Suzhou

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Suzhou is considered as a beauti-ful waterside city. It has a special charm which attracts people.

If you come here for the first time, you may feel uncomfortable, be-cause of its humid climate. But if you stay for a little longer, even a couple of weeks, you will get better and start to love its humidity and feel the charm of rivers. The rivers here are an omnipresent soul of Suzhou.

While you are walking on the lo-cal roads, you are always surround-ed by waterways. In the ancient city, waterways go side by side with bridges, forming a chessboard. The stones are washed by the water. As years go by, the colors on the stones fade as if the book of Suzhou history is fading. It may be the original im-pression the rivers leave on you.

Today’s Suzhou city profits from waterways and the efforts locals have made to protect them. At the same time, water beautifies local gardens. What’s more, water makes people gentle and calm. In addition, there wouldn’t be such great culture and tradition without the waterways in Suzhou.

It is with the waterways that Suzhou has its unique spirit. The water here is a symbol of Suzhou city as well as a special charm of Suzhou.