Suzhou,a city of peace and mildness

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Born and bred in Suzhou, I think I have a say in the charms of Suzhou. In my eyes, Suzhou is a city full of peace and mildness.

Suzhou is famous for classical gardens, where her peace is perfect-ly displayed.

Once I visited the Humble Ad-ministrator Garden late in the after-noon. I was one of the few visitors who visited the garden so late. The sun was about to set when I was standing alone on the stone bridge, appreciating all that I could feel. Flowers were letting out fragrance and the wind was grazing the tree leaves. Touching the beautiful wooden house and setting my feet on the well-designed stone bridge, I felt that few things could be more comforting than the peace that de-scended on the garden. The garden is so peaceful, and so is Suzhou.

Besides her peace, Suzhou’s mildness is impressive. Pingjiang Road is a typical road in Suzhou that can represent her tradition and cul-ture. I like walking down the road to feel the mildness. What appeals to me is not only the river flowing slow-ly around the road but also the mild voice of people talking.

In Suzhou you will find a land of peace, free from the anxiety of the outside world.