Suzhou,the home for Gardens

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Suzhou is known as a paradise to live in, es-pecially famous for its splendid gardens.

At your first sight of Suzhou, you may feel that it’s small and exquisite. Obviously gar-dens in Suzhou go perfectly well with such comments. Now, let’s start our trip to gar-dens and appreciate its beauty.

In a typical Suzhou garden, you can see small ponds, streams, beautiful flowers and rockeries here and there, with ancient archi-tecture, whose style is unique only to Suzhou, giving sightseers a feeling of harmony and happiness. Lotus flowers are in full bloom in the pond in summer, you may say ‘What a beautiful sight!’ What’s more, you can see lively fish swim freely in the water and it will also make you enthusiastic and be in good spirits. When you look up, the nicely carved pattern windows would impress you with wonderment. The most interesting are stones. Some look just like lovely rabbits while some look like savage lions!

Judging from the whole world, Suzhou has teamed up with international practice. Thus, more and more people could have access to appreciating its wonderful beauty.

All these leave you at a loss for words. Suzhou is a place full of beauty, isn’t it?