My winter holiday

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A trip to Hong Kong

I started a trip to Hong Kong on Febru-ary 2 with my parents.

Our plane arrived at the airport in Hong Kong in the afternoon. As soon as we landed, we got on a bus heading to our hotel. Our hotel was located in Tsim Sha Tsui, so we had easy access to public trans-portation.

We stayed in Hong Kong for five days. On the first day we went to Hong Kong O-cean Park. The Ocean Park was really big. The most surprising part was that the park was built on the mountain. We had a great time playing and sightseeing for a whole day.

The next day, we went to the bustling city center of Hong Kong. The traffic there was not so good. There were a lot of tall buildings on both sides of the roads and a-mong them, there was a building called Bank of China Tower which was designed by I.M. Pei. We did some shopping dur-ing the day time and we went to see a fire-work show in the evening. In the follow-ing days, we visited Taiping Hill, the Dis-neyland, Ngong Ping and Victoria Har-bor.

During the trip, I took a lot of pictures and had a great time. But happy time is al-ways short. On February 7 we returned to Suzhou. The trip was very impressive, for I learned a lot about Hong Kong's cul-ture, history, economy and tradition which I will never forget. 


A pleasant walk during holiday

It was January 31, the Spring Festival. It should be very cold at this time of the year, but the temperature rose to 23C. It was really warm. Strange enough, but I didn't care. Warm weather meant a nice chance for a walk!

My family and I decided to visit Pingjiang Road, a famous historical road near my home.

There were a lot of people when we ar-rived at Pingjiang Road after lunch. The canal beside the road was flowing quietly and softly. Most trees had no leaves left, but they didn’t look desolate. The wind was blowing softly.

On the left of the road, there were a great number of small shops where local snacks, crafts and clothes were sold. As a boy who likes eating, I was not able to avoid the lure because they smelt so good.

Without the warm weather, how could I go out and enjoy the winter afternoon so much! 


An unforgettable journey to Sanya

This winter holiday, I went to Sanya and had a good time.

I went to Yalong Bay with great excite-ment on the first day. The clear blue sea looked like a huge delicious jelly. The sky was as blue as the sea. I couldn't even tell them apart.

The beach was covered with white and fine sand. Walking on the beach was like walking in the thick snow. At that moment, I couldn't wait to jump into the sea.

The following days I stayed at the hotel. The private beach of the hotel was quiet and comfortable. Local waiters were en-thusiastic and friendly. Thanks to them, I had a happy and relaxed trip.

The most surprising thing was that there was no air pollution in Sanya. The main industry there was tourism. There were few factories. The most enjoyable thing was taking a deep breath in the morning.

Sanya is a tropical paradise indeed. 


Embracing the coast

It was a sunny day. When we reached the beautiful coast in the afternoon, the sound of the waves brought music to our ears.

The blue sky was mirrored in the blue sea, forming one integrated mass. The sea was shimmering in the sunlight. Tourists were sunbathing on the beach. We took off our socks and shoes. Then everyone ran to the beach.

The fine, powdery sand could only be found on this particular beach. The sea brought shells to the beach and left ripples in the sand. We left footprints behind us on the beach.

The sunburnt sands drank water like a sponge. I scooped up a handful of sand and let it trickle through my fingers. The waves rolled in to the beach. Most of us were nearly crazy and rushed to the sea.

I was impressed by the clarity of the water here. I could see shells hidden in the sand clearly. When the waves came, we didn't run away but waited for the ice-cold water. I plashed the water to my friends with my legs. Evildoers are bound to be punished in the end. Many of them came to plash water to me together. We were wet with the sea spray. But we really had a good time.

Golden sandy beaches and waves of passion, coupled with people who were playing, constituted a perfect picture.

It was a memorable experience to me.