Questions Related to Education Services

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1.Which schools could foreign children go to in Suzhou?
There are 3 educational choices available to parents of foreign children in Suzhou: (1)Six international schools including Suzhou Singapore International School, Suzhou Eton International School, Suzhou Japanese School, Dulwich College Suzhou, Canadian International School Kunshan and Suzhou Korean School.(2) Private schools. (3) Public schools.
2.How do foreign children apply to public schools in Suzhou?
You need to submit an application to the local Bureau of Education. If you are eligible (having a secure job, a regular income, fixed residence, more than one year Social Security and so on ), consult with the school to make sure they can give degree to your children. And if you would like to abide by the rules (attending political lessons and club activities), you can go to the school after getting the allowance of the local Bureau of Education.
3.Could the returned children of overseas Suzhou people sit exams for senior high school or the college entrance examination?
According to Article 22 of Measures for the protection of Rights and Interests of Returned Overseas Chinese ( orders of the People's Government of Suzhou, No. 131), “Returned overseas Chinese students, children of returned overseas Chinese, overseas Chinese children, and children of Chinese of foreign nationality which apply to higher educational institutions or secondary schools may enjoy preferential treatment in accordance with the provisions of the State.” They can also apply for the examination for the international students, and students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan can take part in the joint college entrance examination for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.
4.How to apply for visa for Study in China?
(1)Approval process of Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW201)
Make online application at the official website of your college→Bureau of Education of Suzhou issue the Visa Application Form for Study in China to you→Provincial Department of Education examine and approve the form→Apply at the Chinese embassies for visa for study in China→Foreign students come to China
(2) Foreign students need to perform related procedures after entering China
Foreign students enter China→ Report to the local police station within 24 hours→ Come to Suzhou clinics of Health Care Center of Jiangsu International Travel for Health Certificate( children under 18 is exemption from physical examination)→ Come to the window of Public Security of Suzhou Administrative Service Center to apply for resident permit within 30 days
(3) Documents that must be submitted and some relevant notes
You need to submit these documents when Bureau of Education of Suzhou issue the Visa Application Form for Study in China:
(1)Letter of admission
(2)Guardian power of attorney, its notarization and authentication of foreign students (under 18 years of age)
If you want to go through the related procedures in other countries, the power of attorney should be notarized and certified by the foreign student’s country of nationality and by the Chinese Embassy in the country; If you want to go through the related procedures in China, the power of attorney can be notarized by the relevant notary office in China, by the Chinese Embassy in the the foreign student’s country of nationality or by the country's embassy in China .
(3)Letter of Guarantee in China for foreign students and their guarantees and the notarization of the letter (at least 18 years of age)
(4)Photocopy of valid passport of foreign students
(5)Valid identification, Proof of Residency and certificate of employment of foreign students and their guardians/sponsors
(6)Payment of social security or tax bill within 6 months of the guardian/guarantor of foreign students
The acceptance departments : Department of the International Cooperation and Exchange of Bureau of Education of Suzhou
Address: No.198, Park?Road, Suzhou
Postcode: 215006
5.What are the insurance requirements for international students during their study in China?
According to the relevant regulations, international students who have studied in China for more than six months shall purchase group medical insurance in mainland China. And it is up to the university itself to decide whether it is necessary to purchase group insurance for the international students who will back within six months.
6.What are the procedures do foreign experts have to go through after entering Suzhou?
(1) International students need to apply for accommodation registration for aliens in the local public security bureau within 24 hours after the arrival; (2) They need to have a physical checkup in the hospitals designated by government to obtain a clean bill of health within one month after the arrival; (3) Apply for a Foreign Experts Certificate from State Foreign Experts Bureau; (4) Apply for an aliens' residence cards from the public security bureau.
7.How about the international travel expenses of foreign experts?
(1) The employer will offer round-trip international airplane tickets (economy class) to foreign experts who is going to work for more than one year (one academic year) , to their peers, their spouse during the employment period and a child aged 12 years old or under 12.
(2)The employer will offer round-trip international airplane tickets (economy class) to foreign experts who is going to work for more than one semester.
(3)If foreign experts have signed a special agreement with other departments or units, the former shall be handled in accordance with the agreement.
8.What holidays do foreign experts enjoy during their work in China?
(1)Foreign experts enjoy the following holidays in China: New Year's Day, Spring Festival, International Labor Day, National Day and other holidays and festivals as provided for by law or administrative decrees. Their holiday is in accordance with the holiday of the workers in their unit.
(2)Foreign experts can enjoy the following holidays according to their nationality and beliefs: 2 days for Christmas; 3 days for Gulden, 1 day for end of Ramadan; and 1 day for Songkran Festival.
(3)Foreign experts can have a day off if they ask for National Day of their own.