uzhou Zhuangyuan Museum to open

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Zhuangyuan, was the historical title given to the scholar who achieved first place nation-wide in the Chinese imperial examinations. Restoration of Suzhou Zhuangyuan Museum is complete and the museum will soon be open to the public.

The Zhuangyuan Museum is located on the former resi-dence of Pan Shi’en in Niujia Lane, which boasts of a history of over 200 years, and was listed as a culture relic unit under provincial level protection of Jiangsu. It covers 1000m2 in to-tal, with the exhibition hall covering 600m2. The museum ex-hibits the unique traits of the Suzhouese zhuangyuans through displays of precious relics and an-tiques from hundreds of years ago.

(Photo by Xu Zhiqiang/ Suzhou Daily)