Chinese Bridge-A Bridge of Friendly Cooperation between Chinese and UK Schools

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The delegation of "Chinese Bridge for UK schools" paid a visit to Changshu from 28th October to 30th October. During the visit, delegates from 13 UK schools visited the counterpart Chinese schools distinctively. As a result, 11 Chinese and UK schools signed the friendly cooperation memorandum and became sister schools, and 2 schools have reached the intent of friendly cooperation. Through this visit, teachers of the two sides found some points in common, such as the pursuit of high effectiveness in classroom teaching, and learned from each other in the aspect of teaching differences. This visit aims to mutually support the students' lingual learning, promote better understanding of the national cultural of each other, offer the students more opportunities to communicate with the help of information technology and telecommunication technology, enhance the students' awareness of global citizenship, and promote the staff exchange and the development of curriculum cooperation.